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Wheel Alignment

At Buckley Tyre Service, we offer a full wheel alignment service for all Cars & Vans.

We also offer a full suspension service, for springs, shocks, bushes and much more, and we have a full range of Diagnostic testing using Bosch KTS670 equipment.

We operate a Drive IN, Drive OUT service or appointment for all Alignment and Diagnostics.

We use the state of the art Hunter Hawkeye Elite TD, this new top of the range alignment aid is set to take the alignment industry by storm, with innovations delivering striking radical developments over other Hawkeye models. To find out more about this system, please have a look at the Hawkeye section in the Alignment Bay menu above.

Hawkeye Elite TD

How does it work?

The integrated targets are firmly fixed to the face of the wheel using QuickGrip™ adaptors which feature spring-loaded arms to grip the tyre, thus avoids any metal-to-metal contact and potential rim damage, plus are super quick to attach. Made from a tough polymer material to withstand tough workshop life and is nearly 50 percent lighter in weight than previous target and clamp assembly. The new design also features a much narrower profile, making it easier to use in restricted or cramped bays.

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